Rules EU

Goods that meet the following restrictions may be imported into Poland:

  • The cost of the goods should not be more than 300 Euro;
  • Costs equivalent to 10,000 Euro (per person). It is recommended to have at least 300 ZL with you;
  • 1l of strong alcoholic beverages (strength greater than 22,3%);
  • 2l of average strength of alcoholic beverages (less than 22.3% strength);
  • 40 cigarettes (2 packs) or 50 grams of tobacco for smoking;
  • Personal hygiene products and individual cosmetics in quantities that meet the needs of one person during the trip;
  • Clothing, underwear and shoes of a purely personal nature, intended solely for their own use and showing signs of being in use;
  • Up to 5 pets with labeled chips. It is necessary to have a vaccination certificate and complete a declaration of temporary removal of animals and their return;
  • Medicines are allowed to be transported if this does not indicate their commercial use, but all medicines except the standard kit are required to have a prescription in English;
  • Poland as an EU country strictly banned import:
    • milk and dairy products;
    • meat and meat products;
    • salo;
    • chocolate;
    • canned food.