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Rules Ukraine

The territory of Ukraine is allowed to import goods that meet the following restrictions:

  • Cost of goods is not more than 500 Euro; and weight - 50 kg;
  • Without filling in the declarations it is allowed to import an amount equivalent to 10 000 Euros (per person);
  • 1 liter of alcoholic beverages (more than 22% strength);
  • 2 liters of wine (less than 22% strength);
  • 5 liters of beer;
  • 200 cigarettes (10 packs) or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of smoking tobacco;
  • Products up to 200 Euros in quantity of 1 pack of one product name (up to 2 kg) per person;
  • Watches of no more than two pieces;
  • Personal hygiene products and individual cosmetics in quantities that meet the needs of one person during the trip;
  • One camera, one movie-, camcorder;
  • Notebook or PCs of no more than two pieces;
  • Portable musical instruments of no more than two pieces;
  • Clothing, underwear and shoes of a purely personal nature, intended solely for their own use and showing signs of being in use;
  • 0.5 liters of toilet water and / or 100 grams of perfume;
  • Personal ornaments, including precious metals and stones, bearing signs in use;
  • Bicycle in quantity of 1 pc. per person;
  • Sports equipment in the amount of 1 pc. each;
  • One portable TV;
  • Mobile phones of no more than two pieces;
  • Up to 5 pets with labeled chips. It is necessary to have a vaccination certificate and complete a declaration of temporary removal of animals and their return;
  • Not more than 5 packages of one name. If you need more, you need to have a recipe.